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OSCILL ALGA - Đặc trị nấm, xử lý ngoại ký sinh trùng


Quickly reduce algae and treat Protozoa

Main compositions 
Copper as Elemental 
-Treatment for toxic algae, cyanobacteria, filamentous algae, bottom algae, …in aquaculture ponds.
- Treatment for external parasites on shrimp: Epistylis, Zoothamnium, Apisoma, Acineta, Vorticella. 
Application and Dosage 
-Treat external parasites on shrimp: use 1 liter/2,000 m3 water. 
- Reduce algae: use 1 liter /1,000-2,000 m3 water, sunny time (from 8 to 10 a.m.). 
- Shake well before use. 
- Dilute OSCILL AGA with high amount of water and spread evenly to pond. 
Storage: Store in cool and dry place. 
Presentation: 1liter bottle. 
Product code: 02011700 (search in here)

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