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SANDIN 267 - Diệt khuẩn an toàn hiệu quả kéo dài


Have the broadest spectrum of antimicrobial action


  • Unlike conventional forms of iodine, SANDIN267 is stable under normal conditions of storage and is effective in cold as well as hard water.

  • SANDIN 267 is non-toxic, non-irritating, and non-staining to the shrimp/fish.

  • Controls bacterial, viral, fungal and protozoan pathogens.

  • Disinfect equipment.

  • Treats swollen gills, black gills, rotten tail, broken appendages in shrimp/fish.

Main composition: 1-Vinyl-2- Pyrrolidinone polymers

Dosage and Application:

  • Pond preparation: 1 liter / 2000 m3 of water.

  • Prevention: 1 liter / 3000 m3 of water, every 7-10 days

  • Control bacterial pathogens in pond: 1 liter / 1500 m3 of water.

  • Treats swollen gills, rotten tail, tail bulging, broken appendages in shrimp/fish:1 liter/1500 m3 of water, use 1- 3 times.

  • Treatment of black spot disease in shrimp: 1 liter / 1000 m3 of water, used 1-3 times. In case of protozoan and fungal infection, combine with BIOXIDE 150 (1 liter/2000 m3 of water), 1-2 times at 9 am.

  • Shrimp contaminated with Vibrio spp.: 1 liter/1000 m3 of water, use 1-3 times. High Vibrio spp. level, best combine with GUARSA (500 -700 g/1000 m3 of water), 1-2 times, at 9 pm.


  • Dilute required quantity of SANDIN 267 in water outside the pond and spray uniformly throughout the pond.

  • Use in the late afternoon, avoid the sun.

  • Do not use with lime. High pH reduces the effect.

  • Avoid using at temperatures higher than 350C.

  • Only turn on aerations after spray uniformly throughout the pond for 10-15 minutes

  • Consult your field staff/your aquaculture specialist for specific usage and directions.


Store in cool dark place.

Presentation: 1 Litter bottle.

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